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Who is GlendaBags?

Yá'át'eh Shi k'e dóo shi diné'é. Shi ei Glenda Bennett yininshyé. Tsé'deshgizhníi nishloo Yeii Diné'é Tachiini bashishchiin. Tliz Lani ei daa shi Chei adooh Hashk'aan Hodzo'hó dashinlaí. Ei ahoot'ago aadzaaní nishli. Hello! Welcome! As customary in Dinejigoh, I introduced myself in Diné. In English - My name is Glenda Bennett my clans are Rock Gap People, born for Giant People Red Running into the Water Clan. My maternal grandfather is Manygoats, and my paternal grandfather is Yucca Fruit Clan. In the last couple days, I had been meaning to do an introduction.  My clans identify who I am in my place among my tribe. If you're related somehow, Yá'át'eh! I am from Kaibeto AZ. My mother's family is from the...

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